The first secondment from BU to SAS/UMA

Professor Wen Tang and Miss Yao Zhao, a PhD student of BU, have completed their first H2020 iGame Secondment at SAS/UMA. They have worked on the project management work package of the iGame project, including a draft consortium agreement, secondment planning, and the dissermination plan. The secondment also overlaps the kick-off conference of iGame project at UMA. Wen and Yan met Attlia and Sandor of iGame partner ITware from at the palatial Alcazaba on the weekend,

Dr Sánchez’s first second month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

Dr Manuel González Sánchez from UMA has completed his first-month secondment working on WP2: Mapping BCTs in Game Design Concept. Manuel has worked on the following tasks:

  1. Identify the available literature where applications, telemedicine and gamification are used for the promotion of physical activity and break sedentary attitudes in healthy people.
  2. Select the documents identified according to specific exclusion inclusion criteria.
  3. Start extracting the data from the selected documents.

Dr Sánchez’s second secondment month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

The second month secondment has enabled Mauel to work on tasks of data analysis and statistic analysis regarding telemedicine and gamification, where these technologies being used in the treatment of specific population groups. Mauel also worked on the selection of documents and identified these according to specific exclusion and inclusion criteria,

Dr Sánchez’s third secondment month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

Mauel has worked on selected studies for specific clinical populations, performing statistic analysis of the data extracted for the different clinical populations. He also started writing the planned scientific documents, including studies the efficiency of telemedicine, applications and gamification on three types of clinical conditions ( cancer, depression and lower back pain).

Dr Sánchez’s forth secondment month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

In this fourth month of his stay in Budapest, Mauel finalized the documents on the study of healthy subjects and started to develop a motivational filter for clinical trial participants.

Dr Sánchez’s fifth secondment month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

Mauel has focused on the topic of gamification for patients with specific pathologies, edited the documents according to the selected journals, and extracted results for the elaboration of a motivational questionnaire that serves as a filter for the patients of the clinical trial to be carried out in a successive period of the project.

Dr Sánchez’s fifth secondment month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

Dr Sánchez has reached his sixth month at ITware. During this month, he has made a draft proposal of a motivational questionnaire for the discussion with the other members of the consortium. The questionnaire includes specific questions about people’s motivation for maintaining or improving physical health, vital management strategy in long-term physical health activities, as well as the relationship with physical activities. This month also saw Li Wang  from BU to join ITware on his first secondment on the iGame project. Li is a PhD student from BU, working on AI for Games.

Dr. Irene de Torres’ first secondment at BU, UK

Dr Torres arrived from SAS to BU on her first iGame secondment. Irene has worked on the design of an online questionnaire for the identification of the needs of people for health behaviour change, including the design of a parameter table to include the critical elements of BCT. She has also worked on the eHealth diary to allow people to record daily activities,

Mr. Kosta Pechevski’s two secondment months at BU, UK

Kosta from Artuas, the Republic of North Macedonia has performed his two secondment months at BU working on the design of a testbed and an online backend system for the iGame project. He has worked on the creation of use-case diagrams of the system and the evaluation of mobile apps using the Mobile Application Rating Scale (MARS).

Mr Li Wang’s first secondment month at ITware, Budapest, Hungary

Mr Li Wang from BU has performed his first secondment at ITware. Li has worked on the AI algorithms and proposed an AI framework for the iGame gamification system.  Li has designed a AI recommandation system using a deep learning framework and proposed a methodlogy framework for the future implementation of the system.

Dr Jaime Martin Martin’s first secondment at SensorID, Compobasso, Italy

The company SensorID company is located in Campobasso, a beautiful city in the Moilise region, Italy. The period of collaboration between the University of Malaga and SensorID allowed the transfer of clinical knowledge of inertial sensors to a prototype that can be used in the iGame project. SensorID has designed and implemented the software of motion recording devices based on inertial sensors suitable for use in the clinical environment.

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