Project Coordinator

Bournemouth University

BU is a World Top 200 Young University and awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. BU has extensive EU and H2020 project management experiences with currently running over 35 live H2020 projects.

The Centre for Smart Immersive Technology is one of the large research centres in digital games technology in the UK. The centre has the state of the art facilities for AR/VR and games technology is the home to highly quailed staff and over 20 PhD students. The Centre is currently leading over £1.5 million research projects funded by the EU, H2020, and UK research funders. The BU Games Analytics Platform ( is the first of analytics platforms dedicated to AR/VR and digital game research for data collection and infographic reporting.

Clinical Partner

Andalusian Health Service

The public hospital network of Andalusian Health Service in Spain is a public body providing all healthcare services to 8.4 million inhabitants in Andalusia, an autonomous organisation attached to the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia.

The iGame research project will be carried out by the Institute of Biomedical Research of Malaga (IBIMA), which is a multidisciplinary research space in biomedicine at the Regional University Hospitals and Virgen de la Victoria in Malaga in conjunction with the Primary Care. The institute promotes research excellence oriented to translational research, favouring the achievement of results transferable to clinical practice.

SEM Partners

Sensor iD

SensorID is an Italy based SME with experience gained from CUBIT Wireless Innovation Lab and the University of Pisa. Sensor ID has developed strong know-how in wireless technology integration. The company has built a complete portfolio of embedded electronic modules based on NFC, UHF RFID technology and ZigBee, designed for different applications such as identification, sensor data collection. Moreover, Sensor ID has joined R&D projects with the University of Pisa and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna regarding design and development of the new wireless sensor for biomedical applications and wireless sensor networks for safety and monitoring applications. SensorID will make the major contribution to a number of WPs especially WPs 3 to 5 on pervasive sensory input data capture and integration in games.


ArtHaus (SME) is a leading IT service SME with expertise in delivering high quality, efficient and custom software solutions in cross-platform mobile apps and Web applications to connect people. Software engineers in  R&D Department develop new solutions on the advanced user interface and mobile data processing. ArtHaus also has expertise in quality assurance as well as testing the projects on every step of production and participated in 5 EU FP7 projects. A more recent project is Maven: Design and develop a set of tools for multimedia data management and security. ArtHaus will lead WP4-Develop a cloud-based ICT infrastructure for online user community support system and personalised monitoring.


ITware ( is a Hungarian owned company focuses primarily on custom software development and in-house product development. A development team of 80+ engineers and experienced project managers provides development services to its partners in fields such as telco, mobile applications, cloud-based gauge device monitoring and eHealth. ITware focuses on research and innovation and took part in EU Project FP6 (LOGOS) and regularly participates with new innovations at GITEX in Dubai, Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, and CEBIT in Hannover, CommunicAsia Summit in Singapore as well as Japan IT Week in Tokyo and is involved into several R+D+I project by Japanese Customers.

Academic Partners

The University of Málaga

The University of Málaga (UMA, Universidad de Málaga) is an active leader and reliable partner for its participation in EU funded projects with more 21 H2020 projects. The Department of Psychiatry and Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences at UMA has established expertise in clinical validation of digital health interventions, demonstrated by research expertise in well-recognised Stage of Change behaviour intervention assessment methodology. UMA will lead WP2 and guide, in particular, the scientific underpinning of health behaviour change techniques, develop the hierarchal gamification hype structure in collaboration with BU and contribute to tools like personalised intervention library and eDiary. 

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