Presentation at WCPT 2019

Professor Anot Cuesta-Vargas of UMA has made a presentation at the WCPT 2019 conference on a topic of “Promoting physiotherapy leadership to reduce sedentary behaviour in clinical populations”. H2020 iGame target behaviour change is Sedentary Behaviour Change, which is an overlooked target area in population health. The presentation is part of the iGame research results.

Mr Attlia of ITware attended the ICT Seminar in Tokyo. It is such a great experience and thanks to everyone for comming at the event. The JETRO session on day2  from 13:00 has coved the topic: European IT development methods and approaches to a successful collaboration on Japanese market. IT ware is a project partner of iGame. During the event, ITware has also presented the H2020 iGame project to the ICT Seminar in Tokyo.Thanks for the great audience and positive feedback !


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